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Polyester/Cotton Thread

Item number: 91T7
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Product details


  • 70% polyester (PES) + 30% cotton (CO)
  • polyester yarn braided with cotton

PU = cone (2750 m or 5000 m) or crosswinding (1000 m)


Rasant 25/3: Thicker thread size, for highly stressed and decorative seams on leather, heavy duty fabric, for example tents and tarpaulin.

Rasant 50/3: Medium thread thickness, suitable for highly stressed seams on leather, denim and cushions.

Rasant 75/2: Finer thread size for example for clothing, mattresses, cushions, quilts. Also suitable for upper threads for embroidery.

Care instructions

Product data

ColourLengthDesignationRecommendation needle strength NmItem-No.
white2750 mRasant 25/3130-16091T7/25W
beige2750 mRasant 25/3130-16091T7/25H
medium blue2750 mRasant 25/3130-16091T7/25B
black2750 mRasant 25/3130-16091T7/25S
red2750 mRasant 25/3130-16091T7/25R
golden2750 mRasant 25/3130-16091T7/25GB
dark brown2750 mRasant 25/3130-16091T7/25BR
medium grey2750 mRasant 25/3130-16091T7/25G
white1000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50W
beige1000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50H
medium blue1000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50B
black1000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50S
golden1000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50GB
dark brown1000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50BR
medium grey1000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50G
raw (natural colour)1000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50ROH
white5000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50WC
beige5000 mRasant 50/3100-11091T7/50HC
white1000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75W
beige1000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75H
light brown1000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75HB
medium blue1000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75B
black1000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75S
red1000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75R
golden1000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75GB
medium grey1000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75G
raw (natural colour)1000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75ROH
white5000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75WC
beige5000 mRasant 75/290-10091T7/75HC