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Wrist Orthosis with removable thumb fixation
Item number: 89R1
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Product details

Intended use

  • the orthosis fixates wrist, thumb basal joint and carpometacarpal joint in a neutral function position; causing the extension muscle of the forearm to relax and relieving the ligament base  of the elbow
  • the mobility of the distal phalanx of the finger is maintained (e.g. for writing)
  • adjustable dorsal and volar support for stabilisation of wrist and metacarpus
  • with its elastic insert, the wrist orthosis can be opened wide and therefore makes donning easier
  • belts with return protection simplify donning with one hand
  • flexible aluminium frame for adjustable thumb fixation
  • hook- and loop strap connection of thumb fixation with the hand orthosis provides individual position of the thumb fixation
  • during ongoing therapy, the thumb fixation may be completely removed; which increases the mobility of the thumb basal joint


  • post surgical or post traumatic irritation of the wrist and thumb basal- and carpometacarpal joint
  • severe rhizarthritis
  • degenerative conditions of wrist and thumb
  • severe cases of tendovaginitis and carpal tunnel syndrome; as well as distortion


  • material interactions/allergies
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin
  • circulatory or lymphatic disorders
  • sensory discomfort

Care instructions

Product data

SizeWrist circumferencesideColourItem-No.
S14 – 16 cmleftsilver/black89R1/LS
M16 – 19 cmleftsilver/black89R1/LM
L19 – 21 cmleftsilver/black89R1/LL
XL21 – 23 cmleftsilver/black89R1/LXL
S14 – 16 cmrightsilver/black89R1/RS
M16 – 19 cmrightsilver/black89R1/RM
L19 – 21 cmrightsilver/black89R1/RL
XL21 – 23 cmrightsilver/black89R1/RXL