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carbon foot
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GO prosthetic feet

Safe, stable prosthetic feet with a natural gait: Our GO feet made of carbon fibre and elastomer are freshwater-resistant and particularly lightweight with smooth rollover, even on uneven ground.

Well constructed

Prosthetic feet should perform the tasks of the foot and ankle as well as possible. GO feet are especially reliable in meeting the demands:

The wide base plate makes stance extra safe and stable in all GO models. Elastomer and carbon form a balanced combination for low weight, cushioning and energy return. GO feet are comfortable, sturdy and maintenance-free.

The ratio of safety and agility is adapted to fit every activity level.

Fully functional

The GO feet are particularly versatile to use: Their multiaxial behaviour facilitates walking on uneven ground. The heel strike is comfortably cushioned, the long forefoot lever improves knee safety and stride length.

Because of the classification as “freshwater proof”, puddles or unexpected downpours are not a problem. Wet meadows, hikes with stream crossings, snow – the freshwater resistance allows more flexibility and versatility in daily life.

High-quality foot shell

The foot shell enables all movements and is completely dimensionally stable. The connection cap of the GO feet creates a reliable yet easy-to-release connection between the cosmetic soft foam cover and the prosthetic foot. An optional water drain optimally complements the freshwater proof properties.

The foot shell is available in two widths and two shades.

Versatile GO feet

Convincing advantages for technicians:
The size range from 22 to 29 cm offers a suitable foot for almost all patients. With GO.relax and GO.free, you can fit patients weighing up to 150 kg. The dynamics can be adapted to the respective body weight – with weight categories for the GO.relax and GO.free and 4 weight categories for the GO.smart.

With the GO.free, you can customise heel cushioning using wedges.

Product details

  • intelligent interaction between elastomer and carbon
  • controlled dynamic properties
  • wide base spring for lateral stability
  • prolonged full contact
  • multi-axiality
  • incl. foot shell and spectra-sock

Technical data

  • max. body weight up to 125 kg / 275 lbs. (depending on size)
  • activity level: 1 to 2
  • connection: adjustment core
  • heel height: 10 mm
  • weight: 594 g / 1,3 lbs. (size 27 incl. foot shell and spectra-sock)
  • build height: size 22-25 cm = 61 mm, size 26-29 cm = 69 mm
  • maintenance
  • freshwater proof
The letter “W” at the end of the item-number stands for wide foot shape
Please indicate the size needed, for example 5A410/324L1 = 60 kg, size 24?cm, left, beige

Activity levels

Weight category

Product data

SizeSidemax. body weightColourItem-No.
22 cmleft60 kgbeige5A410/322L1
23 cmleft60 kgbeige5A410/323L1
24 cmleft60 kgbeige5A410/324L1
25 cmleft60 kgbeige5A410/325L1
25 cm, wideleft60 kgbeige5A410/325L1W
26 cmleft60 kgbeige5A410/326L1
26 cm, wideleft60 kgbeige5A410/326L1W
27 cm, wideleft60 kgbeige5A410/327L1W
22 cmright60 kgbeige5A410/322R1
23 cmright60 kgbeige5A410/323R1
24 cmright60 kgbeige5A410/324R1
25 cmright60 kgbeige5A410/325R1
25 cm, wideright60 kgbeige5A410/325R1W
26 cmright60 kgbeige5A410/326R1
26 cm, wideright60 kgbeige5A410/326R1W
27 cm, wideright60 kgbeige5A410/327R1W
22 cmleft80 kgbeige5A410/422L1
23 cmleft80 kgbeige5A410/423L1
24 cmleft80 kgbeige5A410/424L1
25 cmleft80 kgbeige5A410/425L1
25 cm, wideleft80 kgbeige5A410/425L1W
26 cmleft80 kgbeige5A410/426L1
26 cm, wideleft80 kgbeige5A410/426L1W
27 cm, wideleft80 kgbeige5A410/427L1W
28 cm, wideleft80 kgbeige5A410/428L1W
22 cmright80 kgbeige5A410/422R1
23 cmright80 kgbeige5A410/423R1
24 cmright80 kgbeige5A410/424R1
25 cmright80 kgbeige5A410/425R1
25 cm, wideright80 kgbeige5A410/425R1W
26 cmright80 kgbeige5A410/426R1
26 cm, wideright80 kgbeige5A410/426R1W
27 cm, wideright80 kgbeige5A410/427R1W
28 cm, wideright80 kgbeige5A410/428R1W
23 cmleft100 kgbeige5A410/523L1
24 cmleft100 kgbeige5A410/524L1
25 cmleft100 kgbeige5A410/525L1
25 cm, wideleft100 kgbeige5A410/525L1W
26 cmleft100 kgbeige5A410/526L1
26 cm, wideleft100 kgbeige5A410/526L1W
27 cm, wideleft100 kgbeige5A410/527L1W
28 cm, wideleft100 kgbeige5A410/528L1W
29 cm, wideleft100 kgbeige5A410/529L1W
23 cmright100 kgbeige5A410/523R1
24 cmright100 kgbeige5A410/524R1
25 cmright100 kgbeige5A410/525R1
25 cm, wideright100 kgbeige5A410/525R1W
26 cmright100 kgbeige5A410/526R1
26 cm, wideright100 kgbeige5A410/526R1W
27 cm, wideright100 kgbeige5A410/527R1W
28 cm, wideright100 kgbeige5A410/528R1W
29 cm, wideright100 kgbeige5A410/529R1W
24 cmleft125 kgbeige5A410/624L1
25 cmleft125 kgbeige5A410/625L1
25 cm, wideleft125 kgbeige5A410/625L1W
26 cmleft125 kgbeige5A410/626L1
26 cm, wideleft125 kgbeige5A410/626L1W
27 cm, wideleft125 kgbeige5A410/627L1W
28 cm, wideleft125 kgbeige5A410/628L1W
29 cm, wideleft125 kgbeige5A410/629L1W
24 cmright125 kgbeige5A410/624R1
25 cmright125 kgbeige5A410/625R1
25 cm, wideright125 kgbeige5A410/625R1W
26 cmright125 kgbeige5A410/626R1
26 cm, wideright125 kgbeige5A410/626R1W
27 cm, wideright125 kgbeige5A410/627R1W
28 cm, wideright125 kgbeige5A410/628R1W
29 cm, wideright125 kgbeige5A410/629R1W
22 cmleft60 kglight brown5A410/322L2
23 cmleft60 kglight brown5A410/323L2
24 cmleft60 kglight brown5A410/324L2
25 cmleft60 kglight brown5A410/325L2
25 cm, wideleft60 kglight brown5A410/325L2W
26 cmleft60 kglight brown5A410/326L2
26 cm, wideleft60 kglight brown5A410/326L2W
27 cm, wideleft60 kglight brown5A410/327L2W
22 cmright60 kglight brown5A410/322R2
23 cmright60 kglight brown5A410/323R2
24 cmright60 kglight brown5A410/324R2
25 cmright60 kglight brown5A410/325R2
25 cm, wideright60 kglight brown5A410/325R2W
26 cmright60 kglight brown5A410/326R2
26 cm, wideright60 kglight brown5A410/326R2W
27 cm, wideright60 kglight brown5A410/327R2W
22 cmleft80 kglight brown5A410/422L2
23 cmleft80 kglight brown5A410/423L2
24 cmleft80 kglight brown5A410/424L2
25 cmleft80 kglight brown5A410/425L2
25 cm, wideleft80 kglight brown5A410/425L2W
26 cmleft80 kglight brown5A410/426L2
26 cm, wideleft80 kglight brown5A410/426L2W
27 cm, wideleft80 kglight brown5A410/427L2W
28 cm, wideleft80 kglight brown5A410/428L2W
22 cmright80 kglight brown5A410/422R2
23 cmright80 kglight brown5A410/423R2
24 cmright80 kglight brown5A410/424R2
25 cmright80 kglight brown5A410/425R2
25 cm, wideright80 kglight brown5A410/425R2W
26 cmright80 kglight brown5A410/426R2
26 cm, wideright80 kglight brown5A410/426R2W
27 cm, wideright80 kglight brown5A410/427R2W
28 cm, wideright80 kglight brown5A410/428R2W
23 cmleft100 kglight brown5A410/523L2
24 cmleft100 kglight brown5A410/524L2
25 cmleft100 kglight brown5A410/525L2
25 cm, wideleft100 kglight brown5A410/525L2W
26 cmleft100 kglight brown5A410/526L2
26 cm, wideleft100 kglight brown5A410/526L2W
27 cm, wideleft100 kglight brown5A410/527L2W
28 cm, wideleft100 kglight brown5A410/528L2W
29 cm, wideleft100 kglight brown5A410/529L2W
23 cmright100 kglight brown5A410/523R2
24 cmright100 kglight brown5A410/524R2
25 cmright100 kglight brown5A410/525R2
25 cm, wideright100 kglight brown5A410/525R2W
26 cmright100 kglight brown5A410/526R2
26 cm, wideright100 kglight brown5A410/526R2W
27 cm, wideright100 kglight brown5A410/527R2W
28 cm, wideright100 kglight brown5A410/528R2W
29 cm, wideright100 kglight brown5A410/529R2W
24 cmleft125 kglight brown5A410/624L2
25 cmleft125 kglight brown5A410/625L2
25 cm, wideleft125 kglight brown5A410/625L2W
26 cmleft125 kglight brown5A410/626L2
26 cm, wideleft125 kglight brown5A410/626L2W
27 cm, wideleft125 kglight brown5A410/627L2W
28 cm, wideleft125 kglight brown5A410/628L2W
29 cm, wideleft125 kglight brown5A410/629L2W
24 cmright125 kglight brown5A410/624R2
25 cmright125 kglight brown5A410/625R2
25 cm, wideright125 kglight brown5A410/625R2W
26 cmright125 kglight brown5A410/626R2
26 cm, wideright125 kglight brown5A410/626R2W
27 cm, wideright125 kglight brown5A410/627R2W
28 cm, wideright125 kglight brown5A410/628R2W
29 cm, wideright125 kglight brown5A410/629R2W