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Silicone liner made of 3 mm especially soft silicone with aloe vera additive
Item number: 46L10
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Silicone liners

Liners are the secure connection between the user and the prosthetic leg. They ensure a pleasant wearing comfort and protect against pressure points. Silicone liners are the ideal solution for medium and high activity levels.

Varied selection

The right liner for every residual limb: Depending on the condition of the residual leg, different designs and many sizes are available. The silicone liners are available in two different wall thicknesses (3 and 6 mm) and optimally absorb shocks.

Depending on the activity and socket technique, prosthetic specialists can choose between soft and medium firm silicone liners, as well as with distal (locking) connection or without distal (cushion) connection. In the trans-femoral area, the Control4Sil sealing lip liner ensures a perfect hold thanks to the vacuum socket technology (VST).

Innovative knitting technique

The advantage of our silicone liners: the innovative circular knitting technique. This means that the prosthesis liners do not require any lateral seams and are much more durable and hard-wearing! The cover is easy to unroll and yet robust. A coloured orientation line assists patients with the daily donning.

The integrated matrix reduces longitudinal movement and has a stabilising effect. It is incorporated directly into the fabric so that it cannot detach from the gel.

Practical: Thanks to the coloured rotation caps at the end of the liners, the model can be recognised at first glance.

With anti-friction coating: The Control4Sil sealing lip liner is made of medical-grade silicone and connects the prosthesis and residual limb via four ring-shaped sealing lips (vacuum socket technology). This anti-friction coating facilitates the donning and doffing of a prosthetic leg.


Liners lie directly on the skin. The skin on the residual limb is often sensitive and tender. When manufacturing our products, we use high-quality materials and an antibacterial finish. This technology limits the recolonisation of bacteria and microorganisms.

The silicone used (medical grade silicone) is very soft on the residual limb and comfortable for patients to wear. An aloe vera additive nourishes the skin and retains moisture.
Cleaning the liners regularly is crucial for optimal hygiene. You will find suitable care products in our product range, such as the Skin Care Wash Lotion.

Convincing quality

Quality and service – for patients and technicians. Made in Germany, the prosthetic liners feature first-class product quality and comply with all requirements of the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

Based on our many years of experience and expertise, we work to constantly improve our liners and provide reliable support for every concern. For holistic care in the area of socket comfort.

Product details

Designated use

  • activity level: 1 to 2
  • especially for the care of pressure-sensitive residual limbs with skin and vascular diseases
  • Very well suited as initial or geriatric care for low-active users


  • made of 3 mm especially soft silicone
  • Skin-caring properties due to aloe vera additive in the silicone
  • optimal wearing comfort and comfortable shock absorption
  • one-piece knitted textile cover for easily rolling the liner up or down
  • with knitted-in 10 cm outer matrix, reduces distal lift
  • High transverse elasticity - also in the distal area
  • Coloured knitted vertical stripe at the front for better orientation when donning
  • distal rotation control supports guidance of the leg prosthesis
  • available with distal connection and rotation control for all Streifeneder pin types and lock systems
  • available without distal connection, but with rotation control for vacuum socket technology


  • wall thickness 3 mm, see sketch
  • especially soft, medical grade silicone with aloe vera additive, antibacterially equipped
  • approx. 28 Shore 00
  • abrasion-proof, one-piece knit cover made of polyamide/elastane
  • abrasion-proof, one-piece knit cover made of polyamide/elastane
  • colour: silver grey
Size determination: Measure the distal circumference approx. 4 cm above the stump end and select the liner in the same size or one size smaller.
Supplied with drying stand.

Care instructions

Activity levels

Product data

SizeWall thicknessOuter matrixDistal ConnectionItem-No.Eigenschaft
163 mm10 cmwith46L10/16Wasserfest
183 mm10 cmwith46L10/18Wasserfest
203 mm10 cmwith46L10/20Wasserfest
213 mm10 cmwith46L10/21Wasserfest
223 mm10 cmwith46L10/22Wasserfest
23.53 mm10 cmwith46L10/23,5Wasserfest
253 mm10 cmwith46L10/25Wasserfest
26.53 mm10 cmwith46L10/26,5Wasserfest
283 mm10 cmwith46L10/28Wasserfest
303 mm10 cmwith46L10/30Wasserfest
323 mm10 cmwith46L10/32Wasserfest
343 mm10 cmwith46L10/34Wasserfest
363 mm10 cmwith46L10/36Wasserfest
383 mm10 cmwith46L10/38Wasserfest
403 mm10 cmwith46L10/40Wasserfest
423 mm10 cmwith46L10/42Wasserfest
453 mm10 cmwith46L10/45Wasserfest
163 mmwithoutwithout46L20/16Wasserfest
183 mmwithoutwithout46L20/18Wasserfest
203 mmwithoutwithout46L20/20Wasserfest
213 mmwithoutwithout46L20/21Wasserfest
223 mmwithoutwithout46L20/22Wasserfest
23.53 mmwithoutwithout46L20/23,5Wasserfest
253 mmwithoutwithout46L20/25Wasserfest
26.53 mmwithoutwithout46L20/26,5Wasserfest
283 mmwithoutwithout46L20/28Wasserfest
303 mmwithoutwithout46L20/30Wasserfest
323 mmwithoutwithout46L20/32Wasserfest
343 mmwithoutwithout46L20/34Wasserfest
363 mmwithoutwithout46L20/36Wasserfest
383 mmwithoutwithout46L20/38Wasserfest
403 mmwithoutwithout46L20/40Wasserfest
423 mmwithoutwithout46L20/42Wasserfest
453 mmwithoutwithout46L20/45Wasserfest