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Above-Knee Compression Stocking

with hip attachment, antibacterially fitted
Item number: 451A1_451A2
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Product details

Intended Use

  • compression therapy; the respective compression class is determined by the responsible medical doctor. Standard-compression pressure for compression class 1 (light) is 18 - 21 mm Hg, (2.4 - 2.8 hPa); for compression class 2 (medium) it is 23 - 32 mm Hg, (3.1 - 4.3 hPa)


  • for reduction of post-surgical oedema after above-knee amputation 
  • for preparation and plaster-casting of the residual limb for the prosthesis
  • for oedemata prevention after taking the leg prosthesis off


  • open wounds
  • non-reducible oedemata
  • stasis dermatitits (dermatitis varicosa)
  • peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD)
  • thrombophlebitis acuta
  • decompensated heart insufficiency


  • circular knitted fabric, antibacterially fitted
  • 78 % polyamide
  • 22 % elastane
For documentation of the volume, use the chart in the instruction manual.
Compression class 1: 451A1 + size + length / Compression class 2: 451A2 + size + length Ordering example: 451A1/XS20 = compression class 1, size XS, length 20 cm

Care instructions

Product data

SizeCircumference gCircumference eLength LItem-No.
XS44 cm31 cm20 cm451A1/XS20
XS44 cm31 cm25 cm451A1/XS25
XS44 cm31 cm30 cm451A1/XS30
XS44 cm31 cm35 cm451A1/XS35
XS44 cm31 cm20 cm451A2/XS20
XS44 cm31 cm25 cm451A2/XS25
XS44 cm31 cm30 cm451A2/XS30
XS44 cm31 cm35 cm451A2/XS35
S48 cm34 cm20 cm451A1/S20
S48 cm34 cm25 cm451A1/S25
S48 cm34 cm30 cm451A1/S30
S48 cm34 cm35 cm451A1/S35
S48 cm34 cm20 cm451A2/S20
S48 cm34 cm25 cm451A2/S25
S48 cm34 cm30 cm451A2/S30
S48 cm34 cm35 cm451A2/S35
M52 cm37 cm20 cm451A1/M20
M52 cm37 cm25 cm451A1/M25
M52 cm37 cm30 cm451A1/M30
M52 cm37 cm35 cm451A1/M35
M52 cm37 cm20 cm451A2/M20
M52 cm37 cm25 cm451A2/M25
M52 cm37 cm30 cm451A2/M30
M52 cm37 cm35 cm451A2/M35
L56 cm40 cm20 cm451A1/L20
L56 cm40 cm25 cm451A1/L25
L56 cm40 cm30 cm451A1/L30
L56 cm40 cm35 cm451A1/L35
L56 cm40 cm20 cm451A2/L20
L56 cm40 cm25 cm451A2/L25
L56 cm40 cm30 cm451A2/L30
L56 cm40 cm35 cm451A2/L35
XL60 cm43 cm20 cm451A1/XL20
XL60 cm43 cm25 cm451A1/XL25
XL60 cm43 cm30 cm451A1/XL30
XL60 cm43 cm35 cm451A1/XL35
XL60 cm43 cm20 cm451A2/XL20
XL60 cm43 cm25 cm451A2/XL25
XL60 cm43 cm30 cm451A2/XL30
XL60 cm43 cm35 cm451A2/XL35
XXL64 cm46 cm20 cm451A1/XXL20
XXL64 cm46 cm25 cm451A1/XXL25
XXL64 cm46 cm30 cm451A1/XXL30
XXL64 cm46 cm35 cm451A1/XXL35
XXL64 cm46 cm20 cm451A2/XXL20
XXL64 cm46 cm25 cm451A2/XXL25
XXL64 cm46 cm30 cm451A2/XXL30
XXL64 cm46 cm35 cm451A2/XXL35