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Lumbar Orthosis with mobilisation functionality
Item number: 40R1_41R1
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Product details

Intended use

  • normalisation of posture by active straightening of the upper body
  • increases the intra-abdominal pressure
  • slight delordosing and pelvic erection, therefore support of the dorsal vertebral body parts
  • increased static and dynamic safety
  • adjustable degree of stabilisation by removing the dorsal stabilisation element, the stabilising elements and the belt
  • the breathable, innovative functional fibre Xtra-Dry increases the wearing comfort considerably


  • post-surgical stabilisation of the lumbar spine area 
  • degenerative spinal disorders
  • muscular insufficiency of the lumbar spine area
  • chronic pain in the lumbar spine and iliosacral area
  • ligamentoses
  • hyper-lordosis of the lumbar spine


  • Material interactions/allergies
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin
  • hernia or other abdominal disorders
  • obesity
Do not wear the LumoSupport directly on the skin. The orthosis must be worn on a T-shirt (e.g. Undershirt for Spinal Orthoses 145T20).
The front height is approx. 17 cm for both types (women's and men's sizes). The back height is approx. 30 cm for both types (women's and men's sizes).

Care instructions

Product data

SizeHip circumferenceColourItem-No.
XS65 – 75 cmsilver/anthracite40R1/XS
S76 – 86 cmsilver/anthracite40R1/S
M87 – 98 cmsilver/anthracite40R1/M
L99 – 111 cmsilver/anthracite40R1/L
XL112 – 125 cmsilver/anthracite40R1/XL
XXL126 – 140 cmsilver/anthracite40R1/XXL