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Item number: 3A2500
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KINEGEN prosthetic knee joints

KINEGEN is our brand for premium mechanical knee joints. High functionality combined with aesthetic design gives patients a better quality of life in their daily routines and leisure time.

High quality

An excellent selection of technically sophisticated knee joints: The KINEGEN series meets almost every need. KINEGEN prosthetic knee joints are precisely fabricated from quality materials – in a high quality that your patients can rely on.

An added bonus: the modern appearance with a minimalist design that blends in well anywhere.

We offer a 24-month warranty on our KINEGEN knee joints.

Many variants

Prosthetic knee joints have to meet various requirements: safety in the stance phase adapted to use, appropriate swing phase behaviour through corresponding damping systems – and they must be robust enough to withstand high mechanical loads.

The KINEGEN series has a wide range from extreme stance phase stability to highly efficient swing phase damping; the portfolio is coherent and finely tuned, covering every activity level.

With KINEGEN, patients get a solution that fits their lifestyle and needs exactly.

Robust and independent

Knee joints carry a lot of weight and transfer high forces. The KINEGEN prosthetic knee joints can withstand a lot, supporting weights of 125 kg or higher.

Good care

The KINEGEN range covers all activity levels and allows a good overview of the selection. The individual joints are extremely versatile.

A weight rating of up to 125 kg or more allows fitting a wide variety of patients. The stance and swing phase behaviour of the joints can be adapted to the individual circumstances of your patients.

Product details

  • adjustable hydraulic end position damping for optimal wearing comfort
  • adaption to the walking speed
  • shiftable proximal connection in A-P direction approx. 10 mm
  • shortened leg during swing phase by polycentric knee joint construction
  • simple adjustment options of the hydraulic extension- and flexion resistance by means of sensory feedback (clicks)
  • integrated pneumatic chamber for extension assist
  • simple and safe switching into freewheel mode (cycling mode) by means of push button
  • various proximal connection options (pyramid and M36 threaded connection)
  • easy initialization of swing phase
  • mechanical stance phase control provided by polycentric technology (posterior position of pivot point)
  • high-capacity hydraulics due to bigger cylinder volume - thermically capable
  • excellent running smoothness due to high-quality bearings

Technical data

  • activity level: 3 to 4
  • connection proximal: adjustment core
  • knee flexion angle: 136°
  • effective distal height: 173 mm
  • weight: 1124 g (3A2500); 1154 g (3A2500/3, 3A2500/4)


  • Cosmetic soft foam cover 62A52 and 62A152
Thanks to the hydraulic swing phase control with hydraulic end position damping, a harmonic gait pattern can be realized.

Activity levels

Weight category

Product data

Proximal connectionmax. body weightEffective proximal heightOverall heightItem-No.
Adjustment core150 kg23 mm224 mm3A2500
M36 for 3-arm125 kg30 mm217 mm3A2500/3
M36 for 4-arm150 kg36 mm222 mm3A2500/4