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Clutch-Lock 30S1

Item number: 30S1
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Freedom of movement and comfort: Locks form the crucial connection between the liner and the prosthesis. They lock the liner securely in the socket and enable use without a knee sleeve.

Variants for all cases

Our locks are manufactured with high precision and offer a wide range of cover variants and various locking units.
Clutch locks can be locked variably and quietly, and the pin can also be retracted.

Shuttle locks snap into place with audible clicks. This gives patients the certainty that they are being held securely in the prosthesis. The shuttle locks are also particularly sturdy.

Easy locks are variably and silently locked. By using a pin with a drill hole, an additional cord can make it easier to put on the prosthesis.



Our locks make putting on and taking off the prosthesis particularly quick and uncomplicated:

Thanks to the Easy-Click system, the locks can also be unlocked under tensile load, making it easier to take off the prosthesis while sitting.

The optional lockable locking unit also facilitates handling: One twist is all it takes to keep the lock unlocked.

Suitable for everyday use

When using the locks, there is no need for a knee sleeve – this can improve freedom of movement and be more comfortable.

Different locking units give patients feedback and reassurance: Some prefer to put the prosthesis on silently, others feel safer with acoustic feedback when putting it on, some count the clicks.

A lock is also available in a waterproof version; this variant allows worry-free use in damp and wet areas, in the rain or when bathing.

Well thought-out workmanship

Different cover designs give you full flexibility in processing: They allow for many different configurations of fitted parts, accelerated socket construction or quick replacement of the entire lock. Some covers give you freedom in plumb alignment.

  • Series 100 and Series 150 have no weight limit.
  • Series 100 and Series 150 can also be installed independently of the plumb alignment.
  • In Series 200 and Series 400, the whole lock is replaceable.
  • Series 500 can be made in lamination technique with only one casting.

All locks are delivered pre-assembled; the matching lamination dummy set is always included.

We also offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories such as locking units or push button extensions. Good to know: The locking unit is very easy to replace.

Product details

  • max. body weight: 100 kg
  • activity level: 1 to 4 for 30S1
  • build height: 30 mm
  • 33 mm with hopper
  • suitable for deep-drawn and laminated sockets
  • plastic housing is temperature resistant up to 200 °C

The weight-optimised lock series 300 made of wear-resistant, fibre reinforced plastic is suitable for direct lamination or for complete exchange, when utilising a lamination dummy 30S1/D. Different lamination discs and socket adapters can be attached to the lock with 6 screws in the distal end of the socket.

  • Clutch-Lock with "EasyClick" system: optimised pull-in and release mechanism
  • lightweight, weight-optimised construction made of fibre reinforced plastic
  • multifunctionally applicable
  • locking unit completely exchangeable
  • easy cleaning and replacing of complete locking unit is possible without dismantling the prosthesis
  • incl. hopper Ø 66 mm


  • for lamination in combination with: Lamination disc, round -Aluminium- 16A3 / Lamination Disc, square -Aluminium- 16A5 / Socket Adapter with adjustment core and lamination anchor -Titanium- 16A10
  • to be exchanged with lamination dummies 30S1/...
  • please order press button extensions for geriatric patients or big sockets separately

Includes matching lamination dummy set 30S1/E6L

Adapters 16A3, 16A5 and 16A10 in chapter Structural parts

Activity levels

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Clutch-Lockgeared77 g30S1