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Flexion Orthosis with mobility function
Item number: 30R1
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Product details

Intended use

  • LumboVario.tec is a multifunctional spinal orthosis to thoroughly stabilise and steady the entire lumbar spine, including the lumbo-sacral passage, within each therapy phase
  • in the course of rehabilitation process, the spinal orthosis allows targeted training of the spine by removing stabilising elements of the orthosis (back shell and boning bars)
  • construction pad for support of pendulous abdomen


  • post-surgical after intervertebral disc-surgery of the lumbar spine (L1 – L5/S1)
  • post-surgical after stabilising surgery or fusion (spondylodesis)
  • spondylolisthesis (slight lumbar spondylolisthesis)
  • narrowing of the vertebral canal (lumbal spinal canal stenosis)
  • nerve root irritations due to narrowing at the foramen intervertebral
  • degenerative instability (lumbal spondylarthrosis)
  • bone cancer (osteosarcoma) of the lumbar spine
  • inflammatory diseases of the lumbar spine (spondylitis) 


  • Material interactions/allergies
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin
  • pressure sores in the areas concerned
  • breathing difficulties, shortness of breath (Dyspnoea)
  • vascular or other abdominal diseases
  • missing perception (pain)
Do not wear the LumboVario.tec directly on the skin. The orthosis must be worn on a T-shirt (e.g.Undershirt for Spinal Orthoses 145T20).

Care instructions

Product data

SizeHip circumferenceback hightFeaturesItem-No.
175 – 90 cm37 cmhigh35R1/1L
290 – 105 cm37 cmhigh35R1/2L
3105 – 120 cm37 cmhigh35R1/3L
4120 – 135 cm37 cmhigh35R1/4L
175 – 90 cm29 cmlow30R1/1S
290 – 105 cm29 cmlow30R1/2S
3105 – 120 cm29 cmlow30R1/3S