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TLSO (Hyperextension Orthosis)

Orthosis for the relief of the thoracial/lumbal spine, limits movement in the sagittal and frontal plane
Item number: 25R20_25R25
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Product details

  • frame construction with symphysis pad

Intended use

  • relieving and erecting function in the area of the lumbar spine and the lower thoracic spine by means of three-point-principle
  • limits movement of the upper body rotation and lateral inclination by the frame construction
  • the 3-point principle is realized by means of an anatomically shaped lumbar pad, the ventral pelvis bar, and the sternum pad, all of which are individually adjustable to the patient


  • stable traumatic vertebral fractures (L5 – TH11)
  • osteoporosis


  • material interactions/allergies
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin
  • thoracic morbus Scheuermann
  • flectional-traction lesion
Do not wear the orthosis directly on the skin. To facilitate optimal fit and high wearing comfort, we recommend to wear an undershirt (item-nr. 145T20 – 145T23) under the orthosis.

Care instructions

Product data

SizePelvis circumferenceDistance centre chest/pubisItem-No.
S70 – 75 cm39 – 46 cm25R20/S
M75 – 90 cm42 – 49 cm25R20/M
L90 – 105 cm45 – 52 cm25R20/L
XL105 – 115 cm49 – 56 cm25R20/XL