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for knee disarticulation
Item number: 25A51
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Product details

Designated use

  • the DAW nylon sheath is worn directly on the skin to keep the skin dry and to prevent irritation by reducing friction, which provides better adhesion between skin and prosthesis
  • optimal compression of the tissue, therefore ideal support of blood reflux and stimulation of the capillary vessels


  • the soft inner surface is comfortable on the skin
  • the whipped seam of the cuff marks the outside
  • the smooth outside facilitates getting into the prosthesis resp. makes it easier to put on additional sock
  • the special contour at the distal end optimally adapts to the anatomical shape of the knee disarticulation residual limb


  • 100 % PA (nylon)
  • colour: white
  • very fine, smooth and openly knitted quality
  • the knitting technique prevents ladders
  • machine washable at 30 °C
Size determination: The circumference of the stump resp. upper thigh must be measured at the upper edge of the prosthesis. The measured circumference determines the sheath form (A, B). The length of the sheath must also be measured from the upper edge of the prosthesis, to the tip of the sheath. The sheath has a folding rim of approx. 10 cm. The rim must not be considered in the dimensions.
Ordering example: 25A51/A40 = form A, length 40 cm

Care instructions

Product data

FormStump circumferenceKnee circumferenceLength in cmItem-No.
Aup to 50 cmup to 35 cm4025A51/A40
Aup to 50 cmup to 35 cm4525A51/A45
Aup to 50 cmup to 35 cm5525A51/A50
Bup to 60 cmup to 35 cm5025A51/B50
Bup to 60 cmup to 35 cm5525A51/B55