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Terrycloth Stump Sock for BK-amputees

extra thick quality, straight shape, with Lycra content
Item number: 25A14
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Product details

Designated use

  • very effective to even out differing volume, due to voluminous inside with terry-cloth loops
  • this type without opening for pin may be worn over any liner or directly on the skin
  • light compression effect, due to Lycra content


  • extremely stretchable (more than double of unstretched width) due to Lycra content
  • very high dimensional stability by Lycra content, i.e. the material always retightens to its original shape
  • very comfortable wear due to high cotton content
  • the terry-cloth loops on the inside provide excellent cushioning effect and climate management, since this voluminous type may store abundant moisture


  • 95 % (CO) cotton, 5 % (EL) elastane (Lycra)
  • colour: white
  • machine washable up to 60 °C
If a cuff is desired, its length must be added to the stocking length. Size is determined by sock length only. For bigger circumferences of the residual limb, the sock length becomes shorter due to stretching. The sock stretches from approx. 7,5 cm up to 19 cm.

Care instructions

Product data

Length in cmModelItem-No.
20without opening for pin25A14/20
25without opening for pin25A14/25
30without opening for pin25A14/30
35without opening for pin25A14/35
40without opening for pin25A14/40
45without opening for pin25A14/45
50without opening for pin25A14/50
55without opening for pin25A14/55
60without opening for pin25A14/60
65without opening for pin25A14/65
75without opening for pin25A14/75