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Neptun B

Long term surgical shoe with wide outsole and especially high volume
Item number: 215R1
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On a safe footing

Wound care shoes – the first choice for mobilising patients safely. They relieve foot wounds, compensate for leg length differences and improve gait. All models provide a good fit and optimal safety.

Complete programme

Long-term surgical shoes, post-surgical shoes, partial foot decompression shoes: Streifeneder ortho.production GmbH has a varied range of therapeutic shoes, suitable for domestic, outpatient and inpatient use. Depending on the indication, the wound care shoes fulfil the following tasks:

  • Relief for foot wounds or post-surgery
  • Protection against pressure, friction, cold and moisture
  • Support for gait unsteadiness and dizziness

Durable materials, easily adjustable and adaptable and well thought-out functions provide safety with a high level of comfort.

Relief and safety

Post-surgery and in the case of foot wounds, targeted relief is important. Our cube cushion sole can be adapted precisely and individually. Individual cubes can be removed: Pressure is redistributed, wounds heal more easily.

Good to know: At Streifeneder ortho.production, the cube cushion sole is included in the normal scope of delivery; it does not have to be purchased separately.

Anti-slip spots incorporated into the outsole ensure stability and a safe gait: They inhibit slipping sideways. Especially on wet and slippery surfaces, the anti-slip spots give a safe feeling.

Wound care shoes worn on one side with a raised sole lengthen the leg, resulting in pelvic tilt. The Balance Shoe “Sirius” compensates for the difference on the unaffected side – for a safe, physiological gait without pain or tension.

Lightweight, comfortable and hygienic

Particularly lightweight: A new polyurethane compound reduces the weight of the outsoles. This weight saving improves wearing comfort and makes walking easier – even with weakened muscles.

Fitting: The Streifeneder ortho.production GmbH wound care shoes are available up to size 50 (15.5 US). For extensive dressings or toe deformities, the Neptun B long-term surgical shoe has extra space in the toe box.

Hygienic: Lining and outer materials of the padded insole of all wound care shoes feature an antibacterial agent based on an ammonium-silane compound. This inhibits the colonisation of the material by bacterial strains such as Staphylococcus aureus or Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Diabetes mellitus and foot wounds

Diabetic foot syndrome is a complex clinical condition requiring interdisciplinary treatment. An important point of contact here are family doctors, who detect changes at an early stage and keep an eye on the progression.

Diabetes-related sensory disorders of the foot promote the development and chronification of wounds: Patients often do not sufficiently perceive pressure and friction. Foot wounds in diabetes are therefore one of the most common indications for wound care shoes.

To support healing, the foot must be continuously relieved. Wound care shoes enable early mobilisation of patients with foot wounds. They protect the wound from pressure and weight bearing, and also accommodate large-volume dressings.

A good fit, a high level of comfort and an attractive appearance – as in our wound care shoe range – play an important role in ensuring patient compliance.

Product details

Intended use

  • the surgical shoe should accommodate existing, large-volume dressings and bandages and protect them from slipping and, in particular, protect the foot from cold and wetness (splash water).
  • the post-surgical shoe encompasses the entire foot and ankle area with a softly padded socket
  • Hook- and loop fasteners at the wide flap prevent slipping within the shoe
  • the removable padded insole prevents pressure peaks in the foot sole area
  • a particularly wide outsole, wide opening options in the flap and heel area provide a generous volume of space for bandaged feet
  • the high shaft offers sufficient support
  • improved slip protection by integrated anti-slip nubs
  • the stiffened outsole additionally relieves the injured foot
  • Inner lining fabric of the shoe as well as cover fabric of the padded insole are anti-bacterially equipped based on ammonium-silane-compound; this limits colonisation of the material with certain bacterial strains (e.g. Staphylokokkus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae)


  • Wounds in the foot- and ankle area caused by diabetes mellitus
  • peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD)
  • other indication independent wound formation in the foot and ankle area
  • postoperative and trauma
  • Rehabilitation of lymphoedema, venous leg ulcer, elephantiasis, obesity


  • Do not use for the above indications if sufficient pressure relief cannot be achieved through the application.
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin (protective bandage, sock)

Special feature

In connection with wounds in the foot¸ and ankle area, pressure complaints or other disorders can often be noticed too late or not at all. We therefore recommend that you check your feet, their bandages and orthopaedic aids daily. In case of occurring disorders, specific questions, delays in wound healing or unauthorised discontinuation of therapy ("incompliance"), please consult your attending physician or your medical supply store.

Please put the supplied plastic bag over the patient’s foot prior to the first fitting. This will avoid contamination of the shoe with pathogens if size needs to be changed.
Order example: 215R1/36 + L (left side) or R (right side).

Care instructions

Product data

Shoe sizeInner Shoe LengthInner Shoe WidthSideItem-No.
35 – 36approx. 239 mmapprox. 99 mmleft215R1/36L
35 – 36approx. 239 mmapprox. 99 mmright215R1/36R
37 – 38approx. 252 mmapprox. 102 mmleft215R1/38L
37 – 38approx. 252 mmapprox. 102 mmright215R1/38R
39 – 40approx. 265 mmapprox. 105 mmleft215R1/40L
39 – 40approx. 265 mmapprox. 105 mmright215R1/40R
41 – 42approx. 279 mmapprox. 108 mmleft215R1/42L
41 – 42approx. 279 mmapprox. 108 mmright215R1/42R
43 – 44approx. 292 mmapprox. 111 mmleft215R1/44L
43 – 44approx. 292 mmapprox. 111 mmright215R1/44R
45 – 46approx. 305 mmapprox. 114 mmleft215R1/46L
45 – 46approx. 305 mmapprox. 114 mmright215R1/46R
47 – 48approx. 319 mmapprox. 117 mmleft215R1/48L
47 – 48approx. 319 mmapprox. 117 mmright215R1/48R
49 – 50approx. 331 mmapprox. 120 mmleft215R1/50L
49 – 50approx. 331 mmapprox. 120 mmright215R1/50R