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Functional Thumb Splint with fabric lining

Thumb Support for the immobilisation of the saddle and base joint, made of soft polyethylene
Item number: 136T1
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Product details

Intended use

  • immobilisation of the thumb-saddle joint and metacarpo-phalangeal joint of the thumb; as well as partial immobilisation of the radial carpus without great restriction of the grip function
  • the thermoplastic material can be individually customised to the user’s needs
  • the attached hook- and loop fastener allows individual adjustment of the splint
  • due to its functional concept with dirt-repellent and waterproof materials, the functional thumb splint can be worn at work and at home
  • Including fabric lining made of cotton/elastane


  • degenerative conditions of the thumb saddle joint
  • arthrosis of the radial metacarpus
  • skier’s thumb
  • lateral ligament lesions MP 1
  • partial immobilisation of the radial carpus


  • Material interactions/allergies
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin
  • increasing swelling
  • lymph drain malfunctions
  • blood circulatory disorders

Care instructions

Product data

SizeWrist circumferencesidePCNItem-No.
S14 – 16 cmleft11097474136T1/LK
M16 – 18 cmleft11097480136T1/LM
L18 – 22 cmleft11097468136T1/LG
S14 – 16 cmright11097505136T1/RK
M16 – 18 cmright11097511136T1/RM
L18 – 22 cmright11097497136T1/RG
S14 – 16 cmleftNot specified136T2/LK
M16 – 18 cmleftNot specified136T2/LM
L18 – 22 cmleftNot specified136T2/LG
S14 – 16 cmrightNot specified136T2/RK
M16 – 18 cmrightNot specified136T2/RM
L18 – 22 cmrightNot specified136T2/RG