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freshwater proof


Orthainable: our new label for the more sustainable option. Orthainable refers to products, materials and services that are more environmentally friendly and less harmful to health than comparable alternatives.

We are continuously expanding our Orthainable range; to this end, we regularly review materials and products and systematically search for more resource- and environmentally friendly variants.

Orthainable is made up of orthopaedics and sustainable.

Clearly defined

To be awarded the Orthainable label, products, materials and services must fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

Natural material

Components or materials that are wholly or partly based on renewable raw materials are favoured.

Recycled material

At least one of the main components consists of recycled material.

Ecological footprint

Optimised production processes, for example lower paper, water or energy consumption, improve the ecological footprint.

European production

The product or parts of it are produced in the EU, associated countries or EFTA – for lower transport emissions.

More occupational safety

The product is less harmful to the health of the people who work with it. In concrete terms, this means fewer hazardous substance symbols than with comparable products.


Whether splash water or swimming pool: with three categories for water resistance, your patients are worry-free when travelling.


Splash-proof products can be used in areas with increased humidity or in slightly splashing fresh water (without chlorine or salt) and retain their function and strength. The components must be dried after contact with water.

freshwater proof

Thanks to their design and choice of materials, these parts are resistant to immersion in fresh and chlorinated water. The function and strength of the parts are retained even when used in water. After contact with water, the components must be rinsed with clean fresh water and then dried.


Components that can be used in salt water as well as fresh and chlorinated water are categorised in the highest category for water resistance. Function and strength are retained. After contact with water, the components must be rinsed with clean fresh water and then dried.